Sense 8: Finale

After the extraordinaire jouney of Sense 8, here is the finale all of us fans have been eagerly waiting for, in all its 2 hour 30 minute glory. The building excitement, all the supporting characters and all of the cluster working as one! No doubt it was a fast paced and an exilerating experience. Finale: … Continue reading Sense 8: Finale

School 2017

I have been watching romance series and after Attention, Love and Suspicious Partner the next on my list is School 2017. The series came to my notice because of the mystery angle but romance dominated s and worked like magic to bring this series to life. And to be fair, it has been a long … Continue reading School 2017

Suspicious Partner

Directed by Park Sun Ho, Suspicious Partner starts with Eun Bong Hee at odds with Lawyer No. But due to unfavorable circumstances, she finds herself the murder suspect. Though she gets released, it takes a long time for them to catch the real murderer at the cost of their friend. Meanwhile the two realize their … Continue reading Suspicious Partner

Attention, Love

It may have come to your notice that I don’t usually go for Romance dramas but as of lately, that has been the mood. Unlike my other reviews, this one is going to be comparitevely short for romance is not my forte. The first romance drama to come to my attention is ‘Attention, Love’ a … Continue reading Attention, Love

Avengers: Infinity War

The Avenger series’ 3rd movie of Marvel franchise needs no introduction of background or cast, whatsoever! So, let’s dive into a review head on: *Be Warned: Spoilers ahead! Turn away now* ++ The poster looks a lot like that of Starnger Things! The Avenger was one of the few movies this year with high expecations … Continue reading Avengers: Infinity War